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The following Privacy Policy is designed to replace any other privacy policy that was previously sent to you or that has appeared on PaydayLoansWichita, any application, transaction agreement, loan document or any other document of this kind. If there are certain conflicts that may arise between this Privacy Policy and others that were sent to you by PaydayLoansWichita, the terms stated in this Privacy Policy only should be applied.


PaydayLoansWichita is not designed for use by individuals who are below the age of 18 or for those who are not legally established in the United States. We would like you to take a moment to review our Privacy Policy terms. By agreeing to our terms and using PaydayLoansWichita and participating in the services offered by this website, you will also agree with our terms stated in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our terms, or if you are under 18 or not legally established in the United States, we advise you not to use PaydayLoansWichita or participate in any of the services provided here.


PaydayLoansWichita can update its Privacy Policy at any time in order to reflect any changes that are related to our information practices. We are entitled to make any necessary change to this Privacy Policy whenever required. If we decide to make any changes to our information practices, we are fully entitled to revise this Privacy Policy. It is strongly advised that you read and review our Privacy Policy each time you access our website or use any of the services provided by PaydayLoansWichita


We gather and combine the use of personally identifiable information (PII), along with non-personally identifiable information (Non-PII), by using various sources, including those that are mentioned below. As a general rule, PII is the data collected with the intention to specifically locate or contact a person, including first and last name, address, social security number, state, city, zip code, whether the person rent or owns his home, drivers license number, e-mail address, telephone number, birth date, time at which that person can be contacted, whether that person is related or not to someone in the military, the persons employers name, duration of employment, job title, employers phone number, pay dates, frequency of compensation, computer specifications (including IP address), bank routing number, nature of the bank account, bank account number, banks name, banks phone number, whether the person is getting paid by direct deposit, the loan amount desired, and monthly net income. Non-PII data is not used for specifically identifying a person, and does not include any of the information mentioned above.


This Privacy Policy is offered to you on behalf of us, providing services as PaydayLoansWichita. We are in charge of operating the PaydayLoansWichita website. Through our website, we also handle our prospective customer database, which sorts, compiles and sells contact information to other networks and businesses on behalf of a certain consumer who has chosen to apply for a certain business services or products and has agreed to be contacted by a representative of a service or product business. We are working with third party vendors, a variety of media advertisements and third party affiliates in order to promote our website to individuals who are interested in completing our application form or being added to our database by buying the already existing database of consumers who have completed applications on other websites and have given consent for receiving information about service or product offerings similar to those provided by our website. In addition, we advertise our third party services through pay-per-click advertisements and/or through referrals that are destined to redirect you by using our website. By using PaydayLoansWichita, you automatically agree to our use of both your PII and Non-PII information for the purposes mentioned above.
We are collecting and retaining information about you in order to process your requests for services and products, to communicate with you and also to inform you about other financial services that might interest you. The examples mentioned in this Privacy Policy are not intended to be exclusive.


Along with our third parties and affiliates, we may also choose to promote service and product offerings through telephone or e-mail to those who request to be informed either through an Opt-in process on our third-part vendor, through our websites online application Opt-in process, or through our affiliate websites. All our List Members will receive telephone or email contacts for as long as they choose to remain subscribed.

List Members can choose to be removed from our contact lists whenever they want without any questions. In order to remove your information from our database and stop receiving future communications, you may: 1) Send an e-mail requesting opt-out to [email protected]; 2) Go to the following link: PaydayLoansWichita/unsubscribe.

Please be aware that participation in the activities offered by our website can be limited if you will not submit your personally identifiable information. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses that are received in an opt-out request will be marked in the тАЬDo Not Contact registry within 10 business days following receipt.
Unless you contact us, we will consider that you are consciously choosing to receive communications from us and from our third-party affiliates and vendors.

If one of our List Members chooses to be removed from our list, we will also send this request to the specific third-party affiliate or vendor who has provided this request to us so that the List Member may be added to the third-party Do Not Contact list as well if it is applicable. Please consider the fact that if your information was acquired commercially from a third-party affiliate or vendor, PaydayLoansWichita may not be the only vendor who has purchased your information. In addition, it is possible that our third-party affiliate or vendor has purchased this information from an additional third-party, so you may still receive contacts from those companies. PaydayLoansWichita is not assuming the responsibility for preventing all of the unwanted contact that you may receive from sources that are not under our control.


PaydayLoansWichita is not consciously collecting any information from individuals under 18 years of age. No information is consciously used or collected from children for any purpose, including promotional and marketing purposes. If a guardian or parent notices that a child under 18 has offered us his or her personally identifying information by any point of contact, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will make sure that the information provided about the child is instantly removed from our database.


PaydayLoansWichita is collecting PII and Non-PII from existing and prospective customers at several points on our website. We use this information for sending information about our own company and to service our existing clients. Users may choose to opt-out from receiving mailings; for more information, check the Opt-In/Opt-Out section of our Privacy Policy. Financial and contact information that is required is used for verifying your name and address along with other information. When you fill out our forms, we do not require all of your information that is requested. The following information is required: first and last name, social security number, address, state, city, e-mail address, whether you rent or own your home, drivers license number, date of birth, telephone number, telephone number from your workplace, computer hardware specifications and IP address, whether or not you are related to someone in the military, your employers name and
phone number, duration of employment, job title, pay dates, frequency of compensation, bank routing number, type of bank account, bank name and account number, bank phone number, monthly net income, loan amount desired, and if you are paid by direct deposit.

The information about your computer is automatically gathered by PaydayLoansWichita and may be shared with third parties who are offering services for traffic analysis. This information might include: domain names, browser type, IP address, referring website addresses, and access times. This information collected is used by PaydayLoansWichita to improve and maintain the quality of these services and to generate statistics about the use of our website. PaydayLoansWichita is not using any third-party databases in order to update or correct the information that you are submitting to us.


A cookie refers to a piece of data that is usually stored on a computer users hard drive and contains information about the user. If you choose to reject the cookie, you may still use our website; however, you may not be able to access certain features. Cookies also enable us to track and target your interests in order to enhance the experience offered by our website. All cookies that are used on this domain, both persistent and session, are linked to the PII that you provide.

Some of our business partners use cookies on our website, including advertisers. We cannot control or access these cookies once they are placed on our website.


PaydayLoansWichita includes several links to other third-party websites. PaydayLoansWichita does not take any responsibility for the privacy practices of these websites. We advise our visitors to use caution when they are leaving our website and to carefully read the privacy statements of each of the websites that collect personally identifiable information. Our privacy statement applies only to the information collected by PaydayLoansWichita, even in situations where we frame another website with our own. We may also co-brand services from time to time with third-party affiliates and vendors. It will be clearly stated who is collecting this information and whose privacy statement applies.


PaydayLoansWichita uses multiple security procedures and technologies in order to protect the personal information that you are submitting to us from unauthorized use, access or disclosure. We store your personal information on computer systems that have limited access and are located in controlled facilities. When we are transmitting highly classified information over the Internet, we protect this information by using encryption techniques like 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.


We cannot guarantee that your personally identifiable information and private communications will never be disclosed in ways other than those described in this Privacy Policy. In certain circumstances we may be obligated to disclose information to the third parties or to the government if it is required by law; or third parties may illegally access or intercept private communications.
Additionally, as stated above, if you choose to opt-out of future contact from PaydayLoansWichita through the opt-out mechanism that is provided in each e-mail that we send to you, we will offer your e-mail address to the third-party service provider in order to add your name and contact information to its Do Not Contact list.

Since PaydayLoansWichita is in continuous development, we may buy other businesses or their assets, or sell our own assets, which include customer information. If PaydayLoansWichita or its assets is acquired, the customer information along with the information of any visitor that was collected by the website will be a part of those assets that are transferred. For more details, read the тАЬNotification of Changes in this Privacy Policy.

PaydayLoansWichita also reserves the right to disclose any member information, primarily when we consider that disclosing such information is required to contact, identify or bring legal action against anyone who may be causing interference or injury to PaydayLoansWichitas property or rights, members, other visitors, or anyone else that can be hurt by these particular activities.

PaydayLoansWichita reserves the right to disclose your personally identifiable information when this is required by law, or if we consider this necessary in order to protect our rights or to comply with a judicial court order, proceeding or any other legal process that is served on our website.


Whenever you submit a request for a quote or information on PaydayLoansWichita, you give permission to be contacted directly by PaydayLoansWichita or by our affiliated third parties. We are sharing the loan request and contact data that you submit on our quote request form with affiliated companies such as commercial lenders, banks and licensed loan brokers in order to fulfill the requests that we are receiving from you, or to inform you about products and services, and for other business purposes. We only disclose this information to the following types of companies: title service companies, financial service providers, debt and credit services, and auto-finance companies. When we use the term affiliate company,тАЭ we are referring to a company that is under legal contract with PaydayLoansWichita in order to provide certain services, or a company that is entirely owned by us.


Among the services offered by our website, there are several which are co-branded with our contracted partners. These co-branded services will be identified directly on the quote request form. Wherever a co-branded service or product provider is identified, your PII will be provided directly to its website, not PaydayLoansWichita. The service or product provider will be in total control of your data once it is submitted to them. In order to identify and track that information, your contact information (such as address, name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) is shared with PaydayLoansWichita.

We are entitled to use this personal information in order to provide the services that you have requested, including those that display customized advertising and content. Additionally, besides any fee (of which you might be notified), the standard messaging rates of your providers also apply to our confirmation and to all SMS correspondence. You may choose to opt-out from this option by removing your SMS information by replying with END, STOP or QUIT to the message you receive. If you opt-out, your SMS information will be removed from our database and wone used for any other purposes.


By providing us with your personal and financial information, you give written permission to PaydayLoansWichita to be contacted by our partners and affiliated sites via telephone, email or mail. In addition, by registering on PaydayLoansWichita, you are agreeing to receive phone calls from us and our partners and affiliated sites, including certain lenders that may contact you about certain loans.


We treat our former customers information the same way we treat our current customers information.


We do not offer access to nonpublic personal information about our customers to employees in order to offer certain services or products to you. We maintain electronic, physical and procedural safeguards at all times that comply with federal regulations in order to guard your personal information against unauthorized use or access.

Keeping your information up to date is a shared responsibility. The integrity of the information provided by you is maintained and updated when you notify us that a change is required. Feel free to contact us at the phone number or address listed below if you wish to make any changes concerning your personal information.


We will provide all of our users with service announcement updates when nece
ssary. Users are not allowed to unsubscribe from these announcements, since they are important and related to our service. We are also communicating with our users in order to provide demanded services and solve certain issues concerning their account through telephone or e-mail when requested.


If you would like to verify any of the data that we previously received from you, make any corrections to the data, or disable the use of your personal information, contact us at [email protected] or log into your account on our website.